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Winter Update

Winter finally hits City 8! This update brings a number of seasonal changes that will last up until around late January. It’s kind of funny how I keep saying “this is the last map update” and then I go and make another one. I might have an undiagnosed case of masochism at this point.

Snowy ’08

The map has been updated to reflect the new seasonal environment, streets and buildings covered with a thin layer of snow. Make sure to wear something warm before going out, lest you want to freeze.


You can pick snow up from the ground and form it into snowballs which you can then throw at people. You can do this by crouching and pressing ‘E’ on the ground. Please don’t throw these at an officer, they might shoot you in the face.

Atmospheric Effects

When outside, you can now see a subtle breath fog effect appearing from your character which helps indicate cold environments. In addition, you now leave footprints on snow. Better be careful if you plan to commit crimes, otherwise CPs may trace your footsteps. Literally.

Temperature System

You will now need to keep your character’s temperature in check when venturing outside of your apartment. Staying outside for too long without a coat or jacket will cause them to get more and more cold, with various side effects intensifying over time.

Arctic Civil Protection

Civil Protection have imported new uniforms that more appropriately match the new snowy city environment. This new skin is a mashup of the standard City 8 CP model and the Arctic CP model.


I don’t really have much to say here, actually. I hope you all enjoy this winter update.
Now that it’s done, I can get back to working on some of the things that were put on-hold for a while. Loooooots of stuff in the works, so stay tuned.

Happy holidays!