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Collaborator System Update

Hello! We’re back with another epic update. This time, it’s to our Collaborator System. Let’s get into it.

It is obvious that our Loyalty/Collaborator System is unique compared to what most servers go for. Instead of having a many tiers and giving out points like candy, we chose to have a few tiers and make points challenging to get. Admittedly, we made them a little too challenging.
We have already started taking steps towards making it easier to acquire Social Merits by introducing more ways to get them, such as the ‘Business of the Month’ program and achieving a high-ranking position within a Union. We have some more ideas brewing, but in the meantime, we came up with a more instant and effective solution. Introducing: Priority-Class Citizenship.

“What is Priority-Class?” I hear you ask. Well, it’s a new Social Class for citizens, ranked above Upper-Class, for the most elite echelons of society. This new class comes with many benefits, not only for those who qualify for it, but also everyone else.
Your first thought might’ve been that we’re just adding yet another barely-obtainable rank, but here’s the catch: We’re placing Priority-Class at 10 Social Merits, and moving other classes down in Social Merit requirement. The new Collaborator System tiers are as such:

  • Minimal-Class (-1 Social Merits or less)
  • Working-Class (0 Social Merits, starting class)
  • Middle-Class (3 Social Merits)
  • Upper-Class (6 Social Merits, requires District Governor approval)
  • Priority-Class (10 Social Merits or more, requires City Administrator approval)

As you can see, we moved everything down, making each Citizenship Class demand less Social Merits to reach it, and, in turn, making the perks that come with these classes easier to acquire.

More information about the new Collaborator System can be found in this thread on our forums, detailing the requirements and all the perk changes that come with this update. We will continue working on enhancing this system to make it more fun and engaging for aspiring loyalists.

We encourage you to continue submitting your feedback through our Anonymous Feedback Form so that we may continue improving the server and the community through your constructive criticism.

See you on the next one folks!