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Important Community Milestone

Hello all.

I am excited to share a significant achievement with all of you today – a milestone that holds great importance to myself, on a personal level, but also for the community as a whole.

For those who have been part of the journey since the Lancer 1 days, you might recall the announcement of the server’s closure. If you haven’t read it or need a refresher, you can find it on the Lancer 1 forum archive, here. Focus particularly on the ‘What’s Next?’ section.

In that thread, I predicted that any subsequent project, like Lancer 2 or a new HL2RP server crafted by me, would surpass the quality and longevity of Lancer 1, based on the pattern of my previous servers. Well, today, I am very happy to announce that Lancer 2 has officially surpassed the duration of Lancer 1, reaching 397 days, or 1 year, 1 month, and 1 day.

This milestone holds immense significance in my eyes, on a personal level. While the improvement of Lancer 2 over Lancer 1 has been clearly evident in various aspects, such as our roleplay systems, gameplay development, and community as a whole, reaching this day solidifies our journey and marks a pivotal moment in Lancer’s existence.

I want to express my deep pride and gratitude to everyone who has contributed to making Lancer 2 a better server; everyone who has gone out of their way to work with me on this ambitious project for a gamemode that has been around for over a decade. Your dedication has transformed and strengthened the server in many ways. I feel fortunate to have such a driven community around me.

I would like to thank you all for your ongoing support. I am very happy to know that so many people are enjoying what we have created, despite occasional challenges. I will continue doing my best to deliver a fun and enjoyable roleplaying experience to you all.

We are stronger than before, we are better than before, and we are here to stay.

Stay tuned, and happy Lancing.