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Major Map Update #2

Remember when I said the previous update was the last major update that the map is going to receive because I hit Source™ limits? Well, I gave Source™ the middle finger and added new areas to the map anyway. Safe to say, the engine was NOT happy with me, but through blood, sweat and tears, I present to you:

This will probably be the last large-scale update that the map will receive, for real this time. Not because I have ran out of things to add to it or that I don’t want to, but because I literally cannot, anymore. Well, I could, but I would have to fight Source™ every step of the way, unless I remove something else to make room. This is why I will be renaming the map to City 8: Definitive Edition.
The map will continue to receive minor updates however, ranging from fixes, minor improvements, seasonal edits (wink wink), or changes to reflect events that happen on the server.

Fixed Dustmotes!

Dustmotes are no longer effects by the wind, and thus do not clip through walls or other map geometry. A minor change, but one that fixes an issue which was quite goofy and immersion-breaking.

CMU Clinic Sign & Posters

The clinic now features a bright green cross above the doors, making it easily distinguishable from afar as the place to go to when you need medical attention.

In addition, now there are a few medical-related posters & decals inside various areas in the clinic.

Distribution Block 4 Improvements

Distribution Block 4, currently known as Sierra, has received a minor back room update, making the area a little prettier and more in-line with the city’s aesthetic.

No more ugly Alleyway

Remember one of the alleyways that were added in the last map update and was pitch dark and boring? No more. This little area of the map now has its own unique identity.

MORE backdoors!!!

Who said I was done adding back doors to buildings? Bitch, you thought. My reign of terror on these buildings will never end! Well… I guess it will once most buildings have multiple entrances and exits… which appears to be the case right now… shit. Oh well.

More skybox buildings

Some people have been hounding at me for a while to add more, city-8 style buildings to the skybox for a while. At last, I’ve decided to do it. The skybox now features a few more buildings that try and ground the map more into the Japanese environment it is meant to portray.

More space for paperwork

For some reason Rank Leaders really like their silly paperwork & investigation RP, so I’ve expanded the office area of the Nexus to accommodate more of that. Hooray!

Residential Block 5

There are stories and rumors of what goes down in RB5… shady figures, illegal deals, bums and homeless people; generally one of the worst places to be for an Upper-Class Collaborator, or a lone Civil Protection unit. Well, those are just rumors. In reality, it’s an abandoned residential block that is not currently in active use by the Combine.

Apartment Numbers

Middle and Upper-Class apartments now feature number indicators next to the door of each room. In addition to this, doors will no longer have floating text on them. Working-Class apartments won’t get anything though; the Combine doesn’t care enough for them to install room numbers there. Guess you’ll have to find your room by going door to door and trying your key… Good Luck!

More rooms!

There is now a large new room above Distribution Block 14, accessed through Residential Block 4. Referred to as ‘Repurposed Area 3′ by the Combine, the Civil Workers’ Union will be placing this room for sale as a business establishment. Or for whatever other use the server finds for it!

Brand new alleyway

And finally, the highlight of this update: the new alleyway. There are many ways to get into this new area, totalling to a whopping 5 entrances/exits. It brings with it a total of 4 new stores available for purchase, and has a direct entryway into the sewers. This area is actually taken (or rather partly recreated) from version 2 of City 8 that Lancer 1 utilized during its later stages. That makes this the 3rd area that is merged from City 8 2 into our version of City 8 (fun fact: this map now features a little bit of every single City 8 version that has ever existed).


As mentioned, this is going to be the last large-scale update the map will receive, aside from things like fixes, minor improvements, seasonal edits (wink wink), or changes to reflect events that happen on the server.

Stay tuned for more updates, both map-related, and server-related. A lot of things are cooking in the background, and we’re excited to share them with you when they’re done.