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Development Blog #10

We’ve reached the 10th Development Blog! Wow, what an achievement. Do I have something special planned for this one? Drumroll… no. We have a lot of fun updates to go through though! Let’s get to it!

Lancer for everyone!

The new Accessibility Menu options.

We understand some people may have issues in real life that make it harder or even outright prevent them from playing, so we’ve added two new options: Enlarged Chat text for easier reading, and a One-Handed Mode, which introduces a new radial menu (activated with middle click). That menu features several options that would normally be restricted to commands or keybinds. This mode also moves some features like running, jumping, sneaking and using entities to various buttons of the mouse. Admittedly, it’s not a perfect system, but it should hopefully help those who need it to enjoy the server.

Stay In Drugs, Don’t Do School

A collection of all the new drugs now on the server.

Our drug system is finally complete! We didn’t want to add your normal, boring, stereotypical real-life drugs, so we instead took ideas and inspiration from games and movies in order to create 7 unique drug items, all with their own method of acquisition and unique effects, both visual and physical. Find, manufacture, and/or trade these drugs in-game at your own volition; you’ll need to figure out how they’re made on your own, though. Just make sure not to overdose on them…

The Steam Workshop at our fingertips

Showcase of our new PAC3 Outfit system.

I had the idea of messing around with a possible clothing system that allows us to link PAC outfits to items — which isn’t really original, but would be kind of cool. And then I thought: Couldn’t I make them work like Custom Items? And thus, we now have PAC outfit clothing items that can be created on the fly. This is big, because it effectively allows us to hot-load whatever model we want from the workshop without the need to edit our model pack, manually coding new items, or restarting the server. This will enable us to expand on our current arsenal of clothes without directly adding new content to the server or making any code/model pack edits.

Look at me move!

The new CP PDA animation.

CPs now play a PDA animation whenever they use their PDA. No longer will they give you a death stare with their cold, blue, visor, remaining silent for several seconds as they look through your datafile. Hooray for non-awkward interactions! Similar animation additions/improvements may be added in the future for them as well as other factions as seen fit.

Who needs buttons anyway?

The new item drag’n’drop feature.

Items can now be drag-and-dropped out of the inventory for convenience purposes, as opposed to having to click them and then selecting “Drop”. The drop option isn’t going away though, of course! This sort of drag and drop system will (probably) not be used anywhere else though, as we don’t want to introduce a consistency issue and confuse you all.


As always, we continue working diligently to improve the server in any way we can in order to give you the best experience possible. Nothing new there.

I do have a request, though. I must admit, these development blogs are often tiring and tedious to write, and it made me wonder how many people actually read them. Should I even bother with them? So, to answer that question, I created a form to see how many people actually read these things. You can find it here. Please submit it if you can, it’ll help a lot.

See you on the next Development Blog!