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Development Blog #09

Welcome to yet another Development Blog! This one features a few new features, and quality of life changes for all. Let’s get right into it.

Lancer is Saved

Sealed crates with visible nails.

You know what Lancer was missing? Crates with visible nails on them. Yep. That was our problem. Now we will take over the world. Jokes aside, we try to push for immersion in every inch of the server, no matter how small it may seem. Therefore, you can now visually see if a crate is sealed with nails or not. Crazy next-level technology, over here.

New Forcefields

The new Infestation Control variant of the Combine Forcefield.

No, they are not piss fields. Don’t you dare call them that. The Infestation Control Branch of the Civil Workers’ Union now have their very own variant of the Combine Forcefield, for use in contaminated and infested areas. They practically function the same as normal forcefields, with the exception of also allowing Infestation Control suits through, in addition to Civil Protection officers.

Fixed Presbyopia

The new dynamic Immersive First Person crosshair.

Characters no longer have presbyopia and can actually see what they’re aiming at, now. When you aim at an interactable entity, a small crosshair will come to view, making it easier to aim and pick up items off the ground while in first person.

From Here to There in Under a Second

Showcase of the new Teleport Doors.

You can now instantly zoom around the map by entering these magical doors… of magic… yeah… Anyway! Teleport Doors, it’s in the name, they teleport you. Crazy. These will mainly be used for events to move people around without needing to use tedious and immersion-breaking teleport commands.

Old habits die hard

The new Control Scheme client setting.

We understand that transitioning from another framework like Helix to Clockwork can be difficult for some, given some of their controls differ. For this reason, you can now make Clockwork behave a little bit more like Helix by changing the Control Scheme. For now, this mainly only effects the function keys and inventory items, but in the future it could be extended as requested or seen fit in order to improve the player experience further.

Straight ‘outta Blade Runner

Showcase of the new Dispatch Hologram system.

Dispatch characters, in addition to their existing scanner, camera, observer, and lite modes, now have the Hologram Mode. This mode enables them to project themselves around various areas in the Nexus and speak in a more verbose and detailed manner. Truly one of the wonders of City 8.


We continue diligently working on new features and updates for the server, both gameplay-wise and roleplay wise. If you haven’t yet, make sure you join our Discord Server to ensure you do not miss any new updates, announcements, or information.

See you on the next Development Blog!