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Development Blog #08

We’re nearing the 10th Development Blog. I wonder if something wacky or uncharacteristic will happen when we do… eh, probably not. Anyway! A whooooleee ‘lotta changes on this blog, all for the one and only: You. Let’s get to it!

Major Map Update

A showcase of some of the most recent map changes.

A major map update is upon us. Canals are gone, replaced by an industrial district. The mall from City 8 2 has found its home where the old Willard Industries labs used to reside. The park from City 8 Canals has magically landed on a previously bland corner of the street. That, and a whole lotta other changes, big and small, have recently been made to our edit of City 8. I could rumble on or spam this blog with images, but you’re better off just watching the showcase above. Or, even better, join the server and check the map out for yourself!

Drivers License required

The new Civil Protection APCs.

Civil Protection finally got a driving school department and can now drive APCs around the city. These feature a capacity of 6 people (1 driver, 1 gunner, and 4 passengers), drive at a medium speed, and also come with a handy command to open Combine Gates from afar. APCs will be used for a variety of applications, including increasing the Combine’s grip over a specific area, responding to emergency requests, and sweeping the Outlands. Expect to see them around soon. Though, fair warning: Don’t get in their way – the driving instructors aren’t the best, so we may see some cases of vehicular manslaughter…

Forgot to pay the power bill

Three unique functional candle models.

Forgot to pay the power bill, and you have no light? Better light up those candles, lest you want someone sneaking up behind you and stealing your spleen, or something.

Cinematic Intro

A showcase of the new Server Intro Lore Slideshow

New players will now experience a short slideshow sequence when they first join the server, detailing the lore and narrative of our world and setting the mood for what’s to come.

No more levitating

The new smooth character turning animations.

We decided we’ve had enough of the weird wizardry that was happening with characters rotating around in place every time they looked around, so now they actually move their legs when doing so, as they should.


We continue to work on various features to deliver a fun, entertaining, and immersive roleplay experience for all of you to enjoy. In addition, we’re honing our roleplay systems and working on a bunch of events in the background.

Furthermore, we have switched to a scheduled session system. Now, the server opens from Friday to Monday, remains closed from Tuesday to Thursday, and then re-opens on Friday. This allows everyone, both staff and players, to take a short break and avoid burnout, while also allowing us to prepare some mini-events for the next play session, if doable.

If you haven’t yet, make sure you join our Discord Server to ensure you do not miss any new updates, announcements, or information.

See you on the next Development Blog!