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Following the recent and continuous power failures that District 2 has been enduring, the Civil Workers’ Union has begun setting up several expeditions to old abandoned sectors all around the city, with the hope of mitigating this issue by restoring power in those sectors. The citizens of the city are invited to embark on this journey through the city’s hidden past, left untouched for over a decade.

* * * * *

This is an event that we will repeat several times, depending on how many players sign up for it. All non-Combine factions may participate (Citizens, CWU, CMU, Criminals/Rebels [Provided they are not wanted]), although we do not recommend loyalists for this event.

This event will take place during the afternoon/night of whichever designated dates we choose, at which point the server will lock and only accept those whitelisted to the event. The entire thing should not last longer than approximately 2 hours, after which the server will re-open to all whitelisted players.

The standard Permanent Kill rules will apply to this event, unless stated otherwise by the overseeing GameMasters.

Interested applicants must submit their (In-Character) application through this form.

Good Luck!