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An unknown, coded message begins being broadcasted to a specific radio frequency in District 2’s underground. The denizens of the underground scramble to figure out the meaning of the message, while the Combine do their best to find its source and eliminate this possible threat to their Socio-Stability.

* * * * *

This event is the latest addition to the ‘Out There’ series and will serve as a continuation of another of the server’s storylines, mainly oriented around Citizens, Rebels, & Criminals, especially in its later stages.

This event will take place on the main server across three different maps. Only a select amount of characters will be able to participate – all selected through In-Character means. Because of this, the server will be locked and restricted to these pre-selected event characters for the later stages of the event.

As with Out There: Desolation, we need a certain amount of players to show interest and be chosen before we can confidently announce a date for the event. When we do, the date and time will be posted on our Discord.

The duration of the event will greatly depend on the availability of everyone participating. That being said, it should not take longer than a few days, tops, with a few hours at the minimum.

The standard Permanent Kill rules will not apply for this event. Dying will most likely just lead to heavy injury, but the Game Masters may overrule or alter this rule as seen fit, based on the circumstances.
Everything required to participate in the event will be added to a separate Event Collection, which will be provided prior to the start of the event. Note that, unless you are chosen to participate in the later stages of the event, you will not need to subscribe to this collection.

Good Luck.