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The Union Festivale 2

As you enter your apartment complex, an immaculate white envelope adorned with a red wax seal bearing the emblem of the Global Authority catches your attention from the corner of your eye. You open the envelope and peer at the contents of the letter contained within it…

An invitation to the celebration of Administrator Nakamura.

Dear Citizen of District 2,

You are cordially invited to attend the celebrations of Administrator Nakamura, organized by the District Cabinet, that will take place on our streets.
Event Details: Saturday, June 17th, 19:00 (// UTC)

Join us as we honor Administrator Nakamura’s contributions and commitment to our city and the Union as a whole. The festivale will feature exciting mini-games, a free meal provided to every citizen, and plenty of other activities.

Your presence is expected. Please ensure that grooming and hygienic standards are met accordingly.

District 2 Cabinet
City 8

* * * * *

This is a simple, passive on-map event that should last a couple of hours. Everyone is welcome to join and participate in the event in any form they wish, no IC or OOC applications required.

No combat is pre-planned, but in the event of anything occurring, standard Permanent-Kill rules will apply, unless stated otherwise by a member of the Administration Team.

As mentioned above, the date and time of the event is on Saturday, June 17th, 19:00 UTC. If this planned date or time changes for any reason, we will make sure to notify you all accordingly through our Discord.

Hope to see you all there!