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2023: Year in Review

This has been a rollercoaster of a year for all of us here at Lancer. The server entered Closed Beta on late January, and started using the whitelist system that we know today on late April. Since then, it has evolved in incredible ways, and has grown beyond what I had originally expected. To commemorate this year, I have put together the following video. Feel free to watch it, if you wish:

Many things have changed over the year. Faction changes, gameplay changes, roleplay changes. Some people have gone, others have come to fill their place. This community has grown and matured faster than I expected, and I have you, the players, as well as our incredible hard-working staff, to thank for it.

We have a lot of things planned down the road, some of them already being worked on behind the scenes, as we continue to try and deliver a fun game to you all. As much as I am eager to spill the beans of some of them, I’ll have to restrain myself and just tell you to stay tuned for the future.

Thank you for the memories. See you in 2024.