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هنا ، لم يتبق أي أشجار ، وتوقفت الطيور عن الغناء


City 9, Turaif, Saudi Arabia, Sector 3.

A recent, destructive conflict between the local resistance and the Combine has left the region in ruins, made possible by the overwhelming power of the insurgency at the time, and the weak grasp of the Combine in the area.

The locally established government has reached out to the greater Global Authority to ask for its helping hand in rebuilding and restabilizing the region from an economic and structural standpoint. After some hesitation and several back-and-fourth arguments and meetings, the local government managed to strike a deal with the Interim Global Authority, which has thereby employed several regions and urbanized locations around the globe to do their part in helping City 9. Among those chosen locations was City 8.



The Interregnum Emirate Crest is a local extension of the Interim Global Authority and consists of a couple of ministers and the City Emir, Hussain Al-Ahmed, who is the equivalent of a District Governor. The IEC has a lot more control over the Overwatch in City 9 than what would be seen in City 8 and are also somewhat corrupt due to minimum supervision from the upper echelons of the Global Authority, resulting in them chasing their own goals as opposed to directly aiding in the Combine’s goals.


The Emirati Protection Authority is the locally-established law enforcement branch of the Overwatch, very loosely overseen by the Ministry of Civil Protection. The lack of active Dispatch and quality control has led them to become disorganized, weak, and in some cases even corrupt. This enabled the recent insurgency that damaged the city to take place.

The equipment used by EPA tends to be inconsistent or lacking in numbers and even functionality at times. For this reason, at times, they result in using non-sanctioned equipment and weaponry or tools.


The Welfare and Economy Committee, or WEC, is City 9’s version of the Civil Workers’ Union. They were once called the Civil Workers’ Union like everywhere else, but a couple of years ago during an EPA coup, a new government was established, and along with it came the WEC. Working fairly similar to the ordinary CWU, WEC is responsible for managing the local workforce, giving everyone work, and handling ration distribution at specified intervals. They once also were responsible for overseeing the economy and local businesses, but that was abandoned due to the difficulty in enforcing certain regulations and preventing black markets from forming.

Today their activity is somewhat rare, but it has slowly picked up following recent events, as the city needs to be rebuilt.


The Jihadi Lambda Movement is the local branch of Lambda in the greater Saudi Arabia region, also slightly extending to the United Arab Emirates and other neighboring regions. Originally known as Tahaluf-e-Alhuriya, the JLM joined under Lambda for a better chance at making a remarkable strike against the Combine. They recently managed to do just that, partially taking over a large part of City 9. They were ultimately pushed back and the city was retaken by the Combine after a wave of reinforcements arrived. Now, they operate in the shadows, making small strikes against the Combine.


Jaish-e-Lashkar is a small splinter cell that was originally part of the Tahaluf-e-Alhuriya. They split off after Tahaluf-e-Alhuriya joined under Lambda and became the Jihadi Lambda Movement, and JEL became their own independent resistance cell. Now, they actively fight against both the Combine and the Jihadi Lambda Movement, as they believe their collaboration with Lambda is an insult and their ways of rebellion are ineffective and bad. As of recent developments, they have lowered their aggressions towards the Combine and have instead been focusing on Lambda, as well as operating for their own gain; seemingly steering away from their original goals and ideologies. Rumors also say that they even make deals with the EPA in exchange for information or favors to advance their agenda and chase their personal goals in the region.


Like any other city aside from City 8, Enslaved Vortigaunts are present in City 9. Their main purpose is to serve the EPA by doing their deeds such as cleaning areas, transporting objects, and other mundane tasks. In City 9, however, many of them have grown more and more disconnected from the Vortessence, instead creating tribes and fending for themselves and for their own benefit as opposed to working collectively.

Due to this, a lot of them chose to live their lives either away, or in hiding. As a result, very few of them actually remain in the city.

* * * * *

This is a week-long temporary map-change event that will take place on the main server (although the duration may be altered based on the kind of feedback we get).

This is an all-faction event, meaning that any character will be able to participate, from citizens to Civil Protection, Civil Workers’ Union, The Resistance, and more. There are no restrictions on what characters you can bring, unless otherwise specified.

For this event, you will have the ability to play characters from City 9. If you are interested in applying for one of the aforementioned factions, please fill out this form. Note: You do NOT need to apply to play a City 9 character that is simply a citizen. You only need to apply if you wish to be part of a faction or own a store.

Once the event concludes, you will get the chance to bring your event characters back to the server, depending on their faction, civil status, and actions during the event.

Unfortunately, we require a certain amount of event characters to be established before we can calculate the exact date and time that the event will begin. When we accumulate the numbers we are looking for and we establish an approximation of the event date, it will be announced on our Discord. That could range from a week or two to a month, or even more, depending on how much interest the community shows.

The standard Permanent Kill rules will apply for this event, but the Game Masters & Event Runners may overrule or alter this as seen fit, based on the circumstances.
Everything required to participate in the event will be added to a separate Event Collection, along with the standard content collection, found here.

الله يوفقك ويوفقك.