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Development Blog #04

Welcome to the 4th Development Blog of Lancer 2.

We have finally left Closed Beta and have skipped straight to full release, albeit in a way not many people were expecting. We have instead decided to remain private for the time being as we have observed significant advantages over the ordinary style of a fully public server. More information can be found in the Leaving Closed Beta post.

Default Characters

The new ‘default’ option in the character selection screen.

You can now use the character selection screen to mark one of your characters as your ‘default’ one. This will make you automatically load into that particular character after successfully connecting to the server, as opposed to having to navigate the menu and manually load into the character every time you join the server. You may also clear any selected default character through the same menu, with the same button (albeit it requires a reconnect for the option to appear).


The new achievement screen on the TAB menu.

A custom achievement system has been developed and is now implemented into the server. We tried to keep a good balance between gameplay-oriented and roleplay-oriented achievements for both styles of play, but they are not limited to the ones shown in the picture above. There are more that you can find in-game, and we will be adding more of them in the future as they are suggested. These achievements do not give you points or anything – their only purpose is to give you some things to work towards accomplishing, in case you are lost and are unsure what you want to do with your characters. Furthermore, the Administration Team and Event Staff are able to give you custom achievements for any of your characters’ significant accomplishments.

New Ration Dispensers

Ration dispensers have received a great visual overhaul, now fitting the local environment of City 8 more, and being more up to the modern standard of model & texture work. Their mechanics have also been slightly improved over the previous version to be made more interactive, and their back-end code has been remade from scratch to ensure ample optimization. A relatively ‘small’ update on the grand scheme of things, but little things like this are what elevate the overall feel and polish of the city.

New Civil Protection Equipment Dispensers

Similarly to the ration dispensers, the equipment dispensers were in dire need of an uplift as well. This new sleek, modern, and intuitive design allows Civil Protection to easily navigate through the available equipment at their disposal with a significant improvement over the previous design, now matching the standard of the rest of the dispensers, as well as allowing them to autonomously acquire new modules for their uniforms without the need for a higher ranking officer or dispatch to be around to administer them.

Weapon Light Emissions

A character firing an SMG in complete darkness.

Firing any type of weapon now emits light around you, slightly lighting up your immediate vicinity for a split second. This change makes firefights in dark areas more immersive, and perhaps even easier to spot the shooter in the dark.


Having left Closed Beta, we are now working on polishing up the server and improving add adding to our roleplay and gameplay systems. Further exciting updates are on the horizon as we continue marching toward our ultimate goal of creating the fun roleplay server that you deserve. As always, if you have any suggestions or feedback regarding anything, please do not hesitate to reach out and share it with us on our Discord, or in private.