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Development Blog #03

Welcome to the third Development Blog of Lancer 2!

We are making more and more progress towards finally leaving Closed Beta, with the Trello To-Do list slowly dwindling down day by day.

Game Message Flash

The game window flashing after an In-Character message was sent while the flash option was enabled.

A new option is available in the in-game settings menu, enabling the game window to flash when a message is sent in chat while you are focused on another application. This allows you to safely tab out of the game without having to worry about anybody trying to interact with you.

Immersive First Person

A showcase of the new Immersive First Person view.

There is now an ‘Immersive First Person’ view. Something like this was teased back in the Lancer 1 days, but ultimately never made it due to some compatibility issues. This is not exactly the same – in fact it is better! By locking the camera to your character’s head, we can create a more ‘realistic’ and ‘immersive’ view that moves as expected when your character moves around, and also looks great in animations. This of course can be disabled in the settings, if you prefer the original view with a simple headbob.

Dynamic Flashlights

A citizen using a flashlight using the new flashlight system.

A long-time coming and widely-requested feature in the past; flashlights are now ‘dynamic’, allowing them to function in third person view, as well as be visible to other players around you. This new feature goes hand-in-hand with the new Immersive First Person view, taking us one step closer to bringing the immersion and realism on the server to the level we want.

G-String & NEOTOKYO┬░ Content

An assortment of G-String and NEOTOKYO┬░ props on the spawnmenu.

We have a large assortment of new props to decorate the map with. These are meant to increase and ultimately enhance the aesthetic and immersion of the server, making the environment feel closer to actual Japan, as well as making a nice combination with the existing map signs and holograms. These props are available for stores, apartments, and mostly all other locations to elevate their quality.

Workshift Cart System

This was in the backlog for a while, but after popular demand, it has been pushed to the top of the priority list and is now complete! Introducing: The Workshift Cart system. With this new mechanic, hopefully gone are the days of innocent characters being killed due to Source’s wonky physics engine. This new system allows for the smooth transport of goods via a variety of carts, supporting almost any prop, container, and item in the game.


We are making good progress towards our ultimate goal of leaving Closed Beta and are working on improving upon our current roleplay & gameplay systems based on your feedback. If you haven’t already, please fill out the April 2023 Survey – it is invaluable feedback and helps us immensely in knowing what you want us to prioritize and how we can make the server better for everybody.