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Entering Closed Beta

Hey everybody.

After a long wait, we have finally entered into Closed Beta, previously being in Closed Alpha for a while. This Closed Beta stage is meant to finally allow players into the server, but test-drive our systems inside a contained environment.

We don’t plan on staying in Closed Beta for too long, and hopefully we will enter Open Alpha not too long after this announcement. For the duration, however, this may be treated as a ‘Closed Release’ for everyone in our DIscord Server.

Once we have ensured that our current gameplay and roleplay systems are sound and fully functional, we will begin moving towards our Open Beta phase, where everyone will be allowed access into the server.

This is an exciting time for us and we hope you share that same excitement. More news and progress updates regarding the server and the community will be posted here or in our discord server.

Welcome to Lancer!