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Entering Closed Alpha

Hey everybody.

We have recently entered into Closed Alpha, previously being in the Pre-Development stage for a short while. The Closed Alpha stage is meant to test-drive our systems and seek out bugs, issues, or anything else that needs to be looked at before the server can properly open.

We are actively working on resolving several issues that we have so far identified through the first days of the Closed Alpha. Rest assured, we are all working, from Faction Management to Development and everyone in between, to ensure that any bugs and problems are fixed and resolved during this stage in order to make the eventual server launch as smooth as we can, enabling us to focus our resources on creating interesting roleplay and content for all.

Additional features and improvements are also being made during this stage in order to improve on existing roleplay and gameplay systems, based on feedback from our previous iteration.

Make sure to follow our progress on our Discord Server in order to stay up-to-date with development and any faction/roleplay affairs, as well as any important announcements regarding the state of the community or the Half-Life 2 Roleplay Server.